7. 11. 2011

Freaks are friendly

These autumn days, full of gigs and crappy school-stuff. There are moments when I desperately want to have one or two more clones of myself to be able to do all the things that I just have no idea how to do...so much work...and so little time for all that....but nevermind...you need to have some priorities, in order to get out of all this without mental breakdown, sooo besides my first priority which is to write a great thesis [because my topic is really interesting] there is another one which is going to gigs, and trying to do some concert photography. And as I already said, autumn always seems to be full of amazing gigs and events, and this saturday, one such event called Freak Friendly Party took place in Bratislava, really a true audiovisual freakshow consisting of performances like suspension, piercing corsets and gigs of two absolutely amazing slovak bands - The Last days of Jesus and Lahka Muza. I did enjoy the whole show very much, I had a lot of fun, and dancing..and it was really superb! If any of you my few readers were there I am very interested in your opinion, how did you like it and so on ;)
If you weren't there, you can at least feel the atmosphere of that event [I hope ;)] in some of my photos :)