5. 12. 2011

Unknown Pleasures in BA

What the hell!! I said to myself when I found out that Peter Hook & The Light are going to play the good old Joy Division classics on the 9th of Ferbruary in Majestic Music Club!
Do I want to hear JD songs live, performed by their former bass player and his band ? Hellyeah! No matter what, I just HAVE TO be there. [I'm already super-excited]
Well, here's a little teaser :)

7. 11. 2011

Freaks are friendly

These autumn days, full of gigs and crappy school-stuff. There are moments when I desperately want to have one or two more clones of myself to be able to do all the things that I just have no idea how to do...so much work...and so little time for all that....but nevermind...you need to have some priorities, in order to get out of all this without mental breakdown, sooo besides my first priority which is to write a great thesis [because my topic is really interesting] there is another one which is going to gigs, and trying to do some concert photography. And as I already said, autumn always seems to be full of amazing gigs and events, and this saturday, one such event called Freak Friendly Party took place in Bratislava, really a true audiovisual freakshow consisting of performances like suspension, piercing corsets and gigs of two absolutely amazing slovak bands - The Last days of Jesus and Lahka Muza. I did enjoy the whole show very much, I had a lot of fun, and dancing..and it was really superb! If any of you my few readers were there I am very interested in your opinion, how did you like it and so on ;)
If you weren't there, you can at least feel the atmosphere of that event [I hope ;)] in some of my photos :)


31. 10. 2011

miss skellington

There was no need to wait until the midnight :P

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, or Samhain my fellow readers ;)

Unfortunately I won't attend any Halloween party but maybe some monster photoshoot with myself at night will do..I will think about it while reading those endless books and articles for school.
I need some rest now, my feet ache like hell from Friday's party, and it's very funny to watch me walking...like a zombie who just shat in her pants :D so dancing would be quite impossible. But if you are interested what party it was, you can take a look at some [a lot] photos I took there Inductiv 3.0

8. 10. 2011


this reminds me of those early mornings only a few minutes before leaving home for school...listening to it on the good old viva

6. 10. 2011

a short babble of an insecure idealist

I'm really confused, shocked and disgusted at some things happening around me...I don't know if I should laugh, cry or be happy that there are only a couple months of this crazy chaos left...but the thing is...atm I don't see any future for me in this crazy world...it seems to me that I'm just too fuckin' idealistic for this here..and when I complain and try to change that things that I'm unsatisfied with I only get a dry "deal with it, that's how it works here..and everywhere"
Oh well, I'm sorry that's not how I am, I will try to live up to my personal beliefs as long as I can!
Maybe I'm just overwhelmed a bit, feeling anxious and making a mountain out of a mole-hill..I don't know...but I hope that tomorrow I'm gonna feel a bit better..

1. 9. 2011

one-eyed monster

I'm bored, home alone, in a quite narcissistic mood, and there's a camera of course...what could be the result of all this? Hmmm...:D I don't think I look anything like myself in this picture, but that's good :D The thing I don't like about it is that there's no light for the other eye..it would have been great if there was...but..what can you do :) And yeah, I know it's grainy but that's alright with me, grain is good :P

29. 8. 2011

what the water gave me

I just died while listening to new song from Florence. Goosebumps combined with tears...
This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard...and it has such a great atmosphere...I just can't find the right words to describe the beauty of this. I think I would die from happiness if I heard this live...[at Pohoda for example :)]

17. 8. 2011


When I found out that in one advert I came across today the man is trying to sell Lubitel 166b for 100euros I had a good laugh....but then when I have found  THIS...my jaw dropped almost to the floor. Are you joking? Like...really...299euros for Lubitel [and it's not even made from gold]?
I really cannot imagine a sane person that would buy this little plastic toy camera for that much money...if it can be bought for 15 to 35euros [depending on the condition] if you search a little bit harder.
And the same goes for other lomography overpriced stuff..and don't get me wrong, I love these 'toy-cameras' but at least think when you're buying them...do you really want to do analogue photography and experiment, or do you just want to have a trendy lomo camera because it's so cool right now no matter how crazy the price is?

15. 8. 2011


My beautiful bday present Zeiss Ikon has done some magic! I'm reaally pleased with the results and as soon as I will be able I will buy a big load of 120mm filmrolls.

summer changes

My last proper summer holidays are slowly but surely coming to an end. At the beginning I was thinking that I have to make them somehow special, different and unique, but you know how it [almost] always ends... it has been a regular but quite nice summer. I will tell you about it later :)
A few things that have changed this summer :
- I'm a proud owner of 50mm f1.8 Canon lens
- I turned into an absolute animal lover, thanks to the cutest little kitty on earth that I had to take care of for some days
- I started hiking with my bf - It brought me the good feeling that I'm not such a lazy pig I thought I am :D, sore feet [due to unfitting shoes...note to self: I need to buy proper hiking shoes]
- I started baking and I love it... I want to bake as many cakes and other yummy things as I can :D
- I decided that I will concentrate more on shooting with Praktica, Zeiss Ikon and with my bf's Lubitel and Flexaret...because I just love the atmosphere and magic of the film and film grain :)

You can look forward to some photos from the trips I made in past few weeks and I might feature some amazing artists/photographers that I've discovered lately.

And here is my all time fav song from New Order [who knows which band they descended from? :P] I hope it will make you smile and dance and jump [it always works for me]

18. 7. 2011

Annabelle dances

I still remember the time when I was a little girl and [as almost every little girl I know] I wanted to be a princess. Whenever there was an opportunity to wear a long dress or a skirt as soon as I was dressed I started to turn around and round and round, it was hypnotizing to look down at my feet and see the dress spinning around with me. Today I came across this video, and well, I'm lucky that I did not see this when I was a little girl, because I'm sure I would have wanted a dress like that no matter what :D

not full enough

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass
- Ezra Pound

pic found on some blog

16. 7. 2011

killing time is killing me

I'm not sure who should I kill first. Should it be myself or the people around me that piss me off? Such a stupid day today...nothing works like it should [the whole day I'm trying to somehow connect to wifi on ubuntu...but it just wont work...neither does the classic cable method], I feel like I'm wasting my free time with doing nothing, being bored....to make an end to this I even created a kind of a list of the things I want to do during the summer yesterday...but it doesn't seem to help...I also tried to do something creative and made myself a nice Neubauten patch...which went well[something at last!]...then I tried to paint with watercolors...and that went terrible :D
Next thing I tried to do was to reorganize files in my pc a bit [there's already quite a mess], I came across some unpublished pics from our trips to Hungary and Banska Stiavnica...I tried to edit them in PS...but whatever I did with them...I did not like it...something was just not right...maybe that's the consequence of the fact that I haven't worked in PS for quite a long time so I was lost a bit again...couldn't do some actions that I wanted.... very frustrating.
At the moment  I'm totally out of ideas.......I don't have any clue where did they hide :/
And last but not least...the screaming little kids that I hear from outside are just turning me slowly but surely into a hysterical monster...I think they are competing whose scream is the most horrifying and high-pitched.
I hate days like this, nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me smile, I'm nervous and gloomy all day. I swear to myself, when I'll wake up tomorrow, and would still feel like this, I wouldn't even dare to raise myself from my bed and waste the day like I did today. But I hope it will be better tomorrow..it has to be!

I feel like zombie, a cheeky, nervous, never satisfied and bored zombie without any ideas, drive and enthusiasm, bleh...

pic by me [please do not use without my permission]

13. 7. 2011

pohoda 2011/ analogue

And now some pics taken with my praktica [in color for the first time]

pohoda 2011/ digi

some of my pics from Pohoda [some taken by my cell phone and some by canon] [as I didn't have the accreditation I didn't have the balls to take pics of the 'headliners' with my dslr, even when I saw some people in the crowd doing it..so there are mostly pics people and the pohoda atmosphere]

and some cell phone Moby and Pulp :)

I hope you like them:)
and the analogue batch is still to come! :)