31. 10. 2011

miss skellington

There was no need to wait until the midnight :P

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, or Samhain my fellow readers ;)

Unfortunately I won't attend any Halloween party but maybe some monster photoshoot with myself at night will do..I will think about it while reading those endless books and articles for school.
I need some rest now, my feet ache like hell from Friday's party, and it's very funny to watch me walking...like a zombie who just shat in her pants :D so dancing would be quite impossible. But if you are interested what party it was, you can take a look at some [a lot] photos I took there Inductiv 3.0

8. 10. 2011


this reminds me of those early mornings only a few minutes before leaving home for school...listening to it on the good old viva

6. 10. 2011

a short babble of an insecure idealist

I'm really confused, shocked and disgusted at some things happening around me...I don't know if I should laugh, cry or be happy that there are only a couple months of this crazy chaos left...but the thing is...atm I don't see any future for me in this crazy world...it seems to me that I'm just too fuckin' idealistic for this here..and when I complain and try to change that things that I'm unsatisfied with I only get a dry "deal with it, that's how it works here..and everywhere"
Oh well, I'm sorry that's not how I am, I will try to live up to my personal beliefs as long as I can!
Maybe I'm just overwhelmed a bit, feeling anxious and making a mountain out of a mole-hill..I don't know...but I hope that tomorrow I'm gonna feel a bit better..