30. 5. 2011

It takes all kinds to make the world go round

The day when a lot of open-minded and tolerant people are gonna get together to support the rights of LGBT people is approaching. :) The second Rainbow Pride is going to take place in the streets of Bratislava on the 4th of June. I couldn't come the previous year due to my state exams, but I'm already looking forward this one. Sadly, there are still many people who can not accept the diversity that's in the world and have no problem with treating people with contempt only because of their sexual orientation. I hope that many people will come, and they will show the world that not everybody in this country is so narrow-minded.

27. 5. 2011


As I already said, all exams are done except 1 essay. I kinda have something written, it's a sort of a short story, but the longer I was thinking about it and writing it [it took sooo long because of my lack of inspiration] the more I think its crap. So, I'm wondering what to do, should I try to finish it and hand it in, hoping it would be not so crappy in the end, or should I write something different, a real essay? :D Well, I will see, these days I'm so so so lazy, it's not nice. I'm not doing anything productive, I hope it will pass soon.
The summer is here, I think, some of my body parts already got some pink-ish tan, it's fuckin hot outside, days are long, and the best part...STORMS! I love them <3 If it weren't for them I think I would die every summer of that heat :D
and a song for today :P  [from one of my fav band :)]

Lubitel 166B

Second bunch of my pics taken by Lubitel 166B, on photopaper, but as I was [and still am] so lazy, they were taken without tripod, so that's why they look like they do :D

All pics are taken by me, except the last one :)

Only one short essay, and I'm done with exams! Yeah, looking forward to summer, hope it's gonna turn out great :)

17. 5. 2011


This is just sooo beautiful! Welcome to the lair of undines, the beautiful water nymphs.
All photos taken by a great artist http://alberich.deviantart.com