18. 7. 2011

Annabelle dances

I still remember the time when I was a little girl and [as almost every little girl I know] I wanted to be a princess. Whenever there was an opportunity to wear a long dress or a skirt as soon as I was dressed I started to turn around and round and round, it was hypnotizing to look down at my feet and see the dress spinning around with me. Today I came across this video, and well, I'm lucky that I did not see this when I was a little girl, because I'm sure I would have wanted a dress like that no matter what :D

not full enough

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass
- Ezra Pound

pic found on some blog

16. 7. 2011

killing time is killing me

I'm not sure who should I kill first. Should it be myself or the people around me that piss me off? Such a stupid day today...nothing works like it should [the whole day I'm trying to somehow connect to wifi on ubuntu...but it just wont work...neither does the classic cable method], I feel like I'm wasting my free time with doing nothing, being bored....to make an end to this I even created a kind of a list of the things I want to do during the summer yesterday...but it doesn't seem to help...I also tried to do something creative and made myself a nice Neubauten patch...which went well[something at last!]...then I tried to paint with watercolors...and that went terrible :D
Next thing I tried to do was to reorganize files in my pc a bit [there's already quite a mess], I came across some unpublished pics from our trips to Hungary and Banska Stiavnica...I tried to edit them in PS...but whatever I did with them...I did not like it...something was just not right...maybe that's the consequence of the fact that I haven't worked in PS for quite a long time so I was lost a bit again...couldn't do some actions that I wanted.... very frustrating.
At the moment  I'm totally out of ideas.......I don't have any clue where did they hide :/
And last but not least...the screaming little kids that I hear from outside are just turning me slowly but surely into a hysterical monster...I think they are competing whose scream is the most horrifying and high-pitched.
I hate days like this, nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me smile, I'm nervous and gloomy all day. I swear to myself, when I'll wake up tomorrow, and would still feel like this, I wouldn't even dare to raise myself from my bed and waste the day like I did today. But I hope it will be better tomorrow..it has to be!

I feel like zombie, a cheeky, nervous, never satisfied and bored zombie without any ideas, drive and enthusiasm, bleh...

pic by me [please do not use without my permission]

13. 7. 2011

pohoda 2011/ analogue

And now some pics taken with my praktica [in color for the first time]

pohoda 2011/ digi

some of my pics from Pohoda [some taken by my cell phone and some by canon] [as I didn't have the accreditation I didn't have the balls to take pics of the 'headliners' with my dslr, even when I saw some people in the crowd doing it..so there are mostly pics people and the pohoda atmosphere]

and some cell phone Moby and Pulp :)

I hope you like them:)
and the analogue batch is still to come! :)

pohoda 2011/words and videos

A few days before the start I was worried that I won't be able to go, but luckily I managed to find people to go with, and I'm so happy that I did! It was brilliant, it was great, it was Pohoda! Three days living in some kind of different world where everything is beautiful and good and the atmosphere is just unique. I'm already looking forward to the next year :) Now I will try to sum up my impressions from all the shows that I managed to go to:)

moby - there couldn't be a better beginning of the festival than this, his show was great, I enjoyed it the best I could, the atmosphere was great, the energy radiating from them too, and as I was in 4th row I think the sound was also brilliant:)

balkan brass battle - I already sa one of the bands of this battle in kosice a month ago, so I knew how catchy their show was gonna be, a LOT more people came to see them than in kosice, and they had much more fun of course :D
b-complex - i'm really pissed and angry at myself that I didn't go to see him, because I decided rather to go to get some sleep ...I heard he was great...and I know...i saw him last year, but you know:P
le payaco - I don't really listen to them, I only know some of their hits, but I was kinda passing the main stage when their gig started, so I decided to stay and relax a little bit...and it was quite nice, people where having fun, and I was lying on the ground and feeling the 'pohoda' :P
pulp - 4th row again, so you can imagine the energy there....oh, what a gig! jarvis [like moby the nigth before] acted kinda like a squirel on drugs, he was running from one side of the stage to the other, jumping, 'dancing' [it reminded me of ian curtis's moves] trying to master some slovak words, telling some funny masturbating stories :D, he also read some verses of P. B Shelley and how can I forget - he also made some of his fans happy when he run down the stage to the people in the first row ...common people was the expected highlight for me [memories, aah] I almost peed my pants from happiness..the only thing that I didn't like were the trendy hipsters talking bullshit before the gig...well...and some of the 2m high men that just have to be in the front rows...oh yeah, as if you couldn't see the stage just as good as if you were standing a little further...

imogen heap - a totally unknown lady to me, I was searching for some tasty food in the gastro-area ...and when I found it I just sat down to eat it..and..she was on the stage that was in front of the place where I was sitting, playing games with the audience, telling some stories and creating a magical atmosphere..what a lovely and charmig lady, I think I need to give her a chance and listen to her songs :)
uniques - 2 years ago I saw them at pohoda for the first time..and I came to a conclusion that it was not for me....this year I gave them a second chance...and that was a very good decision because this time I really liked them! :)

SMD - one of the bands that I was really looking forward to seeing here, but I don't know what happened ....I was [again] sooo tired and sleepy after that long and sunny day that I just kept falling asleep standing on my feet [this happened to me last year during leftfield also].so....then we decided to leave to get some sleep...well I hope I will see them again soon, and that I will be more conscious the next time.

Public image limited - what a fabulous gig! one of the best for me at this year's pohoda! johnny rotten throwing his snots in all directions :D...gargling and drinking some whiskey...his fascinating guitar player who looked like a crazy retired pirate on some heavy drugs...orgasmic final song - open up...well what more can I say..I want more!

m.i.a -I only know her most famous hits...but I was curious how her show is gonna be..we only managed to  get to the main stage during the second half of the show...but ...what the hell was that? it was totally INSANE...I was so tired from walking all day with two cameras, water and a bag wrapped around me [even jumping with the whole load in the front rows]...but as soon as we got there I just got insane too and forgot about the pain :D I left all the stuff on the ground and started to jump around like crazy...I stopped being aware of the people around me..and I was dancing...and jumping...and laughing...feeling HAPPY...wooooow...that was such a great feeling
portishead - here again...I know some of their songs, but I don't listen to them very much...which is a pity...because their gig here was perfect...beautifully depressing, dreamy, magical...and unique :) my feet no longer listened to me so I had to lie down on the ground...and I stared into the night, at the stars..thinking, then  I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the music to the fullest...another beautiful moment fo rme:)....and  later I heard that the band members really fell in love with pohoda and were nothing but praising it...well...I'm not surprised they liked it here:)

esben and the witch -another band I really wanted to see...and again my stupid brain just couldn't endure the sleep that was slowly but surely creeping into my head...that's not fair you know....falling asleep during the bans I like...what a cruel trick is my brain playing on me?.[this has to come to an end]..so again we left in the middle of the show...which was so nice and magical and beautiful..with somewhat gloomy and dark atmosphere...

so that's it..I hope it's not very chaotic...and I hope that it will make some of you who didn't visit this gorgeous festival yet wanting to come the next year :)

All videos made by my crappy cell phone :P