19. 2. 2011

hope + books + DIY

Oh, I'm so sorry I'm not active here right now, but you know, the beginning of the semester can be quite stressful and demanding, and I have to say that this one is especially crazy. So please, all of my two followers and a few anonymous readers, keep fingers crossed for me! Please Please, I am fighting a battle for my diploma thesis, the enemies seem to be very cunning and cruel, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel :)
I already have shitloads of books to read...but ...I love it! more than anything :) I love to read, I love to analyze the works, to keep loosing myself in those stories. And when you have a great teacher, what more should you want ;)
And as a reaction to some action I was urged to make this DIY patch [and I proudly wear it], and I am planning to do some more :)

And if you don't know this Thoreau guy, I highly recommend you to find something more about him and maybe to read some of his works.

So, buy for now :) I'm going to continue in my today's Hamlet maraton...by watching the Hamlet from 1996 with Mel Gibson as Hamlet.

14. 2. 2011

13. 2. 2011

it's been a bad day

NEVER drink before the gig you are going to see....you might end up out of order even before it begins.
And I hope I will never ever drink so much absinthe.....yuck

And life is not fair sometimes :/ [diploma thesis and stuff...]...fuck

11. 2. 2011

winter in kosice

I had a free day that I spent walking through the town, shopping [I went into a lot of clothes shops, but ended up with a book :D], enjoying the snow, winter atmosphere. And btw my henna session ended up quite well :P

9. 2. 2011

nail polish fetish

I'm not a girly girl at all, I mostly don't care what I'm wearing but...I noticed that I developed a slight obsession with 1. nail polishes 2. earrings 3.boots 4.blazers. How come? I dunno! Who should I blame for this? :D
So let me introduce to you my cute little [hahaa] collection of nailpolishes [thematically arranged :D] And I still want more!!

In future, maybe I will let you sneak peek into my other obsessions :)


Finally I have found some time to write something here. My Kosice trip was great [as usual] even though I didn't get what I wanted - henna from Hennecolor [I've heard a lot of positive feedback about it], everywhere they had only the one that can be found in DM stores. So in the end I bought the DM one because my hair does really need some color [or my schoolmates will run away from me screaming, because of my zombie-coloured hair - my original color - it should be dark blonde or sth like that, but now it seems a mix between green, gray and some undefinable color].
When it comes to second hands, I managed to visit a few, I've seen some great pieces [but some had not-very-second-hand price tags :/] But yeah, I got one skirt, two blazers, and one top....so mission accomplished I think ;) [I will add pics of it later] And I am thinking about selling some of my clothes that are too small for me, but I am having some problems to find any place in my effin' little room where I can take pics of the clothes so they would look quite decent....I think I might end up doing it on our balcony :D
As you could see in my previous post I shot some photos with Lubitel 2 on photopaper, and I think it turned out quite well, I'm looking forward to another shooting :) When I look out of my window I see the first glimpses of spring [if it's possible...in February :D] it's quite warm, no wind, sunny...ideal weather....for taking pics especially :) Spring is my favourite part of the year btw :))))
Now I am at home, enjoying the last few days of holiday, thinking about the topic of my diploma thesis and being quite happy about my school schedule [what's the appropriate term for this, I don't know, this phrase seems odd]
And not to forget, for my nameday I bought myself a nice book [for a VERY reasonable price] Here it is   :)))

And here is the little miracle Lubitel, an old, nice two-eyed camera, the star of my previous post 

1. 2. 2011


The result of my first encounter with Lubitel 2 [medium format twin-lens reflex camera] shooting on photopaper. I'm really happy that it turned out so well. And the developing process is pure magic. <3 I'm in love.