29. 8. 2011

what the water gave me

I just died while listening to new song from Florence. Goosebumps combined with tears...
This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard...and it has such a great atmosphere...I just can't find the right words to describe the beauty of this. I think I would die from happiness if I heard this live...[at Pohoda for example :)]

17. 8. 2011


When I found out that in one advert I came across today the man is trying to sell Lubitel 166b for 100euros I had a good laugh....but then when I have found  THIS...my jaw dropped almost to the floor. Are you joking? Like...really...299euros for Lubitel [and it's not even made from gold]?
I really cannot imagine a sane person that would buy this little plastic toy camera for that much money...if it can be bought for 15 to 35euros [depending on the condition] if you search a little bit harder.
And the same goes for other lomography overpriced stuff..and don't get me wrong, I love these 'toy-cameras' but at least think when you're buying them...do you really want to do analogue photography and experiment, or do you just want to have a trendy lomo camera because it's so cool right now no matter how crazy the price is?

15. 8. 2011


My beautiful bday present Zeiss Ikon has done some magic! I'm reaally pleased with the results and as soon as I will be able I will buy a big load of 120mm filmrolls.

summer changes

My last proper summer holidays are slowly but surely coming to an end. At the beginning I was thinking that I have to make them somehow special, different and unique, but you know how it [almost] always ends... it has been a regular but quite nice summer. I will tell you about it later :)
A few things that have changed this summer :
- I'm a proud owner of 50mm f1.8 Canon lens
- I turned into an absolute animal lover, thanks to the cutest little kitty on earth that I had to take care of for some days
- I started hiking with my bf - It brought me the good feeling that I'm not such a lazy pig I thought I am :D, sore feet [due to unfitting shoes...note to self: I need to buy proper hiking shoes]
- I started baking and I love it... I want to bake as many cakes and other yummy things as I can :D
- I decided that I will concentrate more on shooting with Praktica, Zeiss Ikon and with my bf's Lubitel and Flexaret...because I just love the atmosphere and magic of the film and film grain :)

You can look forward to some photos from the trips I made in past few weeks and I might feature some amazing artists/photographers that I've discovered lately.

And here is my all time fav song from New Order [who knows which band they descended from? :P] I hope it will make you smile and dance and jump [it always works for me]