18. 1. 2012

13. 1. 2012


Oh no, what the hell did I just stumble upon? I should be writing, not looking at all these beautiful tights!But how can I resist?


11. 1. 2012


As I have promised you, another bunch of analogue photos is coming your way right now! :P But I have to warn you, they are a bit...eh..pinkish [all of them were, I had to edit the pink away on some of them], don't know why, but I suspect it because of the low temperature [or expired film], make your choice :D
Anyway, I thought they would turn out a lot better, a lot of them are out of focus [am I going blind or is the mirror playing tricks on me?]

Do not use without my permission, thank you :)

6. 1. 2012

are you shishi?

Today, I'd like to show you some beautiful handmade earrings from a very creative and skillful young shishi lady Blanche. I'm a happy and satisfied owner of two beautiful pairs. Here are some pieces I like very much. For more you can take a look at her facebook -> Shishi Handmade Accessories   

I hope you will like them.:)

last fall

Yesterday we finally had time and an opportunity to scan the roll from last years fall. I am quite pleasantly surprised, some I really like, others, I had some problems with focusing, obviously :P Now, I only need to finish remaining 6 frames from another film I have in Praktica atm, and I really can't wait how it will turn out, I hope for a beautiful winter atmosphere :) In few days, I hope I will be able to post the scans :)
I'm sorry for the dust and scratches, too lazy to remove it, you know :D
All taken by me, with Praktica VLC 3, Fuji 100

and  one bw from last years xmas 

1. 1. 2012

last 2011 trip

On the last day of the year, we decided to go on a little trip. On our way to the ruins of the old castle we encountered snow, mist, 2 living roe-does, and one piece of a dead one.

this is my Johnny and his warrior princess :)

2 pics by Johnny

and a little bonus at the end :D

I'm sorry for the quality, fb did them no justice.