27. 5. 2011


As I already said, all exams are done except 1 essay. I kinda have something written, it's a sort of a short story, but the longer I was thinking about it and writing it [it took sooo long because of my lack of inspiration] the more I think its crap. So, I'm wondering what to do, should I try to finish it and hand it in, hoping it would be not so crappy in the end, or should I write something different, a real essay? :D Well, I will see, these days I'm so so so lazy, it's not nice. I'm not doing anything productive, I hope it will pass soon.
The summer is here, I think, some of my body parts already got some pink-ish tan, it's fuckin hot outside, days are long, and the best part...STORMS! I love them <3 If it weren't for them I think I would die every summer of that heat :D
and a song for today :P  [from one of my fav band :)]

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