16. 7. 2011

killing time is killing me

I'm not sure who should I kill first. Should it be myself or the people around me that piss me off? Such a stupid day today...nothing works like it should [the whole day I'm trying to somehow connect to wifi on ubuntu...but it just wont work...neither does the classic cable method], I feel like I'm wasting my free time with doing nothing, being bored....to make an end to this I even created a kind of a list of the things I want to do during the summer yesterday...but it doesn't seem to help...I also tried to do something creative and made myself a nice Neubauten patch...which went well[something at last!]...then I tried to paint with watercolors...and that went terrible :D
Next thing I tried to do was to reorganize files in my pc a bit [there's already quite a mess], I came across some unpublished pics from our trips to Hungary and Banska Stiavnica...I tried to edit them in PS...but whatever I did with them...I did not like it...something was just not right...maybe that's the consequence of the fact that I haven't worked in PS for quite a long time so I was lost a bit again...couldn't do some actions that I wanted.... very frustrating.
At the moment  I'm totally out of ideas.......I don't have any clue where did they hide :/
And last but not least...the screaming little kids that I hear from outside are just turning me slowly but surely into a hysterical monster...I think they are competing whose scream is the most horrifying and high-pitched.
I hate days like this, nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me smile, I'm nervous and gloomy all day. I swear to myself, when I'll wake up tomorrow, and would still feel like this, I wouldn't even dare to raise myself from my bed and waste the day like I did today. But I hope it will be better tomorrow..it has to be!

I feel like zombie, a cheeky, nervous, never satisfied and bored zombie without any ideas, drive and enthusiasm, bleh...

pic by me [please do not use without my permission]

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