11. 5. 2012


The task of the year, or my thesis, in other words...is done, waiting to be defended [is this the right expression, I don't know, it sounds funny to me] in few days, so, yaay, I think I can say that I had done a good job. Now I'm in the horrible process of learning for my state exams, hmm, shouldn't it be just repaeting what I already know? :D And guess what...the last thing that I want to do right know is to learn that shit...while a month ago I remember myself cursing while writing that thesis, and saying that I would rather learn for exams than suffer while writing :D The words of a fool I have to say...well, but I still have quite some time to somehow learn all that, or at least learn how to pretend I know it :))....but don't get me wrong I like learning :P strange as it might seem
Actually, I'm really looking forward to the literature part, that, I hope will go well..and the linguistic one....I'm hoping for my lucky hand to do some magic there :D Don't disappoint me dear! :):D I know I still owe you the article about UK, it will come, someday, I promise :)
If you have nothing better to do, you can keep fingers crossed for me :P and while doing so why don't you take a look at some of my newest praktica pics, shot on expired film [hence the crazy intense colors] :)

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