19. 2. 2011

hope + books + DIY

Oh, I'm so sorry I'm not active here right now, but you know, the beginning of the semester can be quite stressful and demanding, and I have to say that this one is especially crazy. So please, all of my two followers and a few anonymous readers, keep fingers crossed for me! Please Please, I am fighting a battle for my diploma thesis, the enemies seem to be very cunning and cruel, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel :)
I already have shitloads of books to read...but ...I love it! more than anything :) I love to read, I love to analyze the works, to keep loosing myself in those stories. And when you have a great teacher, what more should you want ;)
And as a reaction to some action I was urged to make this DIY patch [and I proudly wear it], and I am planning to do some more :)

And if you don't know this Thoreau guy, I highly recommend you to find something more about him and maybe to read some of his works.

So, buy for now :) I'm going to continue in my today's Hamlet maraton...by watching the Hamlet from 1996 with Mel Gibson as Hamlet.

7 komentárov:

  1. thanks thanks :)
    tommorrow is the day! I'm already nervous..

  2. I´ll send u "my magic power" ;) :D and dont be nervous...:) Everything will be all right:)

  3. thanks very much:) I think I am such a naive idealist...the battle continues....'the enemy' is still not sure what to do...so I think I still need your magic power :P

  4. hmm.....wouldn´t be better to "destroy" your enemy? Maybe it would be more effective than my magic power :D

  5. it definitely would, but in this case...I need this enemy to achieve my goal...its complicated..but I am sure that positive thinking might work quite well, it has to! :D