2. 4. 2011

let's get high together, in the springtime, at Oxford

Last week, me with a few of my friends made a trip to High Tatras. It's been almost 19 years since my first visit [i was 4 and I hardly remember anything], but I think I might visit our beautiful Tatras more often. The weather wasn't the best, but I managed to take some nice pics of the beautiful nature. It was still a bit o f snow here and there, our morning view was almost completely covered in the mist, but it got better as the day progressed. I really need to come again, in the summer! :)

And now, something completely different, a few days ago, I got my first oxfords! They were quite cheap, one of them seems a bit bigger than the other [I think it might be due to the fact that Idunnohowmany people have only tried that one on, and stretched it a bit] and after two days of walking the heel is a worn down a bit, but nevertheless, I like them, and enjoy walking in them. I'm quite curious how long are they gonna last :D Unfortunately I don't have a photo of them yet [and I can't find the exact ones on polyvore either], but I promise I will find some time to capture them :)
And I'm very happy that the spring is finally there [if i ignore this April weather :D]. I LOVE walking outside at this time, when it's not too cold and not too warm either, feeling the timid sun rays on my face and breathing the spring air in:))

And at the end, not a song today, but a video :) Even winter has its charm :))

Sub Zero - winter night timelapse from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

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