20. 3. 2011

weird gap

A very weird day...today, it is.
I hope this gloomy and weird feeling that I'm having lately will soon go away, far far away!
The spring is coming, I want to be happy, smiling, enjoying the good weather and atmosphere, so do something with yourself bebe, ok? :D
I should not forget to tell you about how did that thing with diploma thesis go, well, it went great, I got what I wanted! :)) But you know, how it often ends when you want something soo much, and when you get it, you just don't feel that satisfaction that you would have expected....hmm...same here...but I hope that this is just a very short period that will pass, and I will enjoy writing the thesis as much as I can ;) sounds funny, doesn't it :D
So thanks to all the people that kept fingers crossed for me ;)
This semester seems to be very exhausting right now,even though I sometimes have the feeling that I want to write something here, my conscience won't allow me to do it, and keeps telling me that I'm wasting my precious time. But I need to learn how to say SHUT UP to it :D
Still preparing for my presentation, I hope it will go well, and I hope that my front tooth, that has decided to break and fall of will not hinder my performance. I look like an old witch or a kind of  madonna-that-went-wrong, with this awful gap...I rely fully on my dentist, I hope he can do miracles :D
[and no I won't post  a picture of my beautiful smile, I don't want you to have nightmares and stuff ;)]

And a song for today :)

5 komentárov:

  1. u got what u wanted! Great!!!!! :))))
    good luck with ur presentation:)

  2. thanks :)
    it was a disaster, but it was not my fault :P ehm
    and I liked my Wilde-look, I may try dressing up like this more often :D
    and of course, the leopard print hat didn't go unnoticed, everybody liked it :D