15. 8. 2011

summer changes

My last proper summer holidays are slowly but surely coming to an end. At the beginning I was thinking that I have to make them somehow special, different and unique, but you know how it [almost] always ends... it has been a regular but quite nice summer. I will tell you about it later :)
A few things that have changed this summer :
- I'm a proud owner of 50mm f1.8 Canon lens
- I turned into an absolute animal lover, thanks to the cutest little kitty on earth that I had to take care of for some days
- I started hiking with my bf - It brought me the good feeling that I'm not such a lazy pig I thought I am :D, sore feet [due to unfitting shoes...note to self: I need to buy proper hiking shoes]
- I started baking and I love it... I want to bake as many cakes and other yummy things as I can :D
- I decided that I will concentrate more on shooting with Praktica, Zeiss Ikon and with my bf's Lubitel and Flexaret...because I just love the atmosphere and magic of the film and film grain :)

You can look forward to some photos from the trips I made in past few weeks and I might feature some amazing artists/photographers that I've discovered lately.

And here is my all time fav song from New Order [who knows which band they descended from? :P] I hope it will make you smile and dance and jump [it always works for me]

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