17. 8. 2011


When I found out that in one advert I came across today the man is trying to sell Lubitel 166b for 100euros I had a good laugh....but then when I have found  THIS...my jaw dropped almost to the floor. Are you joking? Like...really...299euros for Lubitel [and it's not even made from gold]?
I really cannot imagine a sane person that would buy this little plastic toy camera for that much money...if it can be bought for 15 to 35euros [depending on the condition] if you search a little bit harder.
And the same goes for other lomography overpriced stuff..and don't get me wrong, I love these 'toy-cameras' but at least think when you're buying them...do you really want to do analogue photography and experiment, or do you just want to have a trendy lomo camera because it's so cool right now no matter how crazy the price is?

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