1. 9. 2011

one-eyed monster

I'm bored, home alone, in a quite narcissistic mood, and there's a camera of course...what could be the result of all this? Hmmm...:D I don't think I look anything like myself in this picture, but that's good :D The thing I don't like about it is that there's no light for the other eye..it would have been great if there was...but..what can you do :) And yeah, I know it's grainy but that's alright with me, grain is good :P

4 komentáre:

  1. vo photoshope by trebalo zosvetliť jedine :)
    ale je dobrá, dont worry

  2. vdaka:))
    to hej...ale som strasne leniva co sa tyka PS, vacsinou sa tam prinutim len na take zakladne veci...niekedy to je aj na skodu :P

  3. ja si bbez photoshopu už ani neviem predstaviť fotku, nejako to k tomu patrí :)