31. 10. 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, or Samhain my fellow readers ;)

Unfortunately I won't attend any Halloween party but maybe some monster photoshoot with myself at night will do..I will think about it while reading those endless books and articles for school.
I need some rest now, my feet ache like hell from Friday's party, and it's very funny to watch me walking...like a zombie who just shat in her pants :D so dancing would be quite impossible. But if you are interested what party it was, you can take a look at some [a lot] photos I took there Inductiv 3.0

2 komentáre:

  1. tú pesničku zbožňujem hlavne od Mansona.
    A ten film je skvelý. Asi pred mesiacom som ho pozerala so svojim drahým :D :)

  2. tak to teda hej, proste skvost:) ja by som si tiez kukla znova ale moje dvdcko sa ku niekomu zapatrosilo....ale mari sa mi ze na ct zvyknu o pol noci davat NBCH...len teraz neviem ci na halloween alebo na vianoce :D