31. 3. 2012

No time

Slowly but surely finishing my masterpiece [hahahah] ehm, thesis....I can't wait ! Yayyy! More time for this poor blog....idontthinkso! because for some days I won't have much time to do anything besides jumping from happiness and dropping my jaw....because I will go to LONDON! So if you have any tips for me where to go, what to see, now is the best time to share them with me :) Meanwhile you can prepare yourself for a huuuge bunch of photos that I will post after I return back home :) and while you are preparing you can take a look at my new TUMBLR and follow me if you want to :) That's a whole new level of procrastinating, jeeesus :D [and I wont even mention a time-eater called omgpop and the game called draw my thing...I feel like I'm back in the gindergarten while I'm playing it :D Try it, you won't be disappointed....you will only loose all your free time...but..who cares...when you also have to learn for state exams, like me]

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