4. 3. 2011

I'm always thinking about myself and I expect everyone else to do the same

Having read Oscar Wilde's biography [by Richard Ellmann], I am now watching the movie about him that was based on his biography. At first I was a little worried about the actor who plays Wilde, but I think I got used to him [but I still think he could have been played but someone younger]. It seems to be very faithful to the book, if I don't take into account that a lot of things weren't in the movie...but I understand it completely....it would be too long...but the scenes they chose were the same as in the book [at least I think they were], and that's what I like about the british movies. I read the book and I am watching the film because I am going to have a presentation at school about him - more specifically...comparing the book with the movie. I am very curious how it will go...which gay sex scene I am going to choose and so on :D
Now I know a lot more about his life I think I understand his works a bit better....especially the Ballad of Reading Gaol, after reading about his prison years...which were not very emphasized in the movie sadly. And I like him even more. :)

and his lover Bosie [Lord Alfred Douglas]

Maybe I will write something more about his life here, after the presentation.
Pics are from Google.

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  1. tak tak :) a po precitani jeho vyse 500stranovej biografie sa mi zda fakt ze the best :)