19. 1. 2011


All exams done!
I feel sooo happy, and tired as hell [a nice present from my body in the form of a terrible daylong headache - thanx very much]. Not sure about all the grades [or letters] but yeah, I'm having a month-long holiday :))
And guess what, I'm listening online to Darkwave on Radio Wave and they are playing my greatest love The Cure - Just like heaven [but from that kind of programme I would expect that they choose something not so commercial from them, but okay, I am happy:))].
I already started to make a kind of list of the things I want to do because what I really don't want is another little holiday during which I do absolutely nothing and just sit in front of my pc all day and stare into the monitor.
So, today I went into two libraries - got only three books [because there are still loads of my own books wait in my bookshelves waiting to be read].
And a great song for today..noo, it's not going to be The Cure, let's see [and listen] :)

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