26. 1. 2011


What a beautiful day it is today!  Is it?  Really?
I looove snow, the more the better, but ....why now? today when I have to carry this awfully big bag [or trunk, or case I am not sure how to call it] to railway station..thanks god it has wheels....but..in this case...I don't think wheels are gonna help much...unless it's gonna help to plow the snow on the sidewalk, haha :D....:/
What's more, I have one meet up with a friend, and I have to stop at our library...which means a nice stroll trough the whole town. I really hope that I am not gonna end up somewhere in the middle, covered in snow, freezing, hungry, and in the need of the toilet :D And if all of this turns out well, then finally, I would have only to wait one our for my train and then sit on my big butt for a couple of hours. And then, Kosice finally:))
Yesterday, while packing, I found that my wardrobe is full of clothes that are either too small for me [or I'm too fat for them:/], or there are pieces that I have worn like billion times already, and I really need to refresh it a bit because for years and years I'm wearing the same things again and again, and ..and I want to have some of my polyvore picks in my closet! :D But I know there would be hard to find. So I am planning to got rough all thrift stores in town and find some great pieces. I know that you are there! I will find  you! :)
I don't know, I will also give the "normal shops" a chance but I think it would be the same as it always is. I will find some great pants or top or sth, but it would be soooo overpriced, as the majority of clothes in SVK are. My heart cries, when I think of Brighton Lanes and all the treasures that are hidden there [and are probably waiting for me :D]. Yeah I know, it's full of antiques and second hand shops and such but even in classic shops the prices weren't so crazy as here. [yeah, I know, even in UK are a lot of expensive posh shops but you know what I mean - some shops here that sell "cool" brightly coloured, tightly fitting,and overpriced XS-S-M clothes to ladies over 30 who want to be forever young so they are buying these mini discoclothes and feel they are 29 again - are a lot cheaper in UK than they are here - or were a few years ago, when I was there]
The Lanes - my heaven :D
 A I am too lazy to unpack the already packed camera, there will be no pics of the new snow :D [and maybe also because I'm so tired of the view from my window - sidlisko you know :D - I didn't like any of the expressions my translator suggested to me - it lack the true feeling of it, you know what I mean :D ]

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