20. 1. 2011

Pohoda state of mind

First day of my little holiday is ending, slowly but surely...and...guess what I did today....NOTHING :))
It was nice to relax my body and brain after the exams [they weren't so difficult but anyway]
What I'm really looking forward to is the best music festival in here and that's Pohoda [already bought the ticket :P]. Some great names have been already announced, and I'm eagerly waiting for more, and secretly hoping that my secret wishes will come true :) And I'm actually considering bringing my DSLR or my Praktica with me, because my cell phone makes great pictures but, you know, sometimes a cell phone is not enough...but that brings responsibility, taking care of them,and also fear that maybe it will be taken away from me because I don't have any accreditation or something like that, but I already heard from some people that it wasn't a problem at all. :)
I don't know if you've been to Pohoda but if not yet, you should visit this amazing place :) For me it means being 2-3 days  in state of complete happiness [noo, no drugs involved :P], rushing from one stage to another to enjoy my favourites or to visit a completely unknown band and got caught in the atmosphere of the gig [how would you translate ~namotat sa  to english? :D]
I'm already looking forward to sharing my reports with you from this amazing event here :)
I've been to 3 Pohoda's [that sounds funny :D] and each one was great!  Although one had to be cancelled after the great catastrophe that happened there [I'm sure you know what I mean]. During these few days there's a wonderful atmosphere...I can't describe it...I don't know..I should go and feel it for yourself ;)
As I'm in Pohoda mood obviously :D I'd like to share some of my photos from previous years :)
[oh no, I'm browsing through my files with photos but I simply can't find the ones from 2008 :/ I hope that they are still somewhere, but just hidden]  And sorry, they are not in order :D
wonderful sunset
Patti Smith <3 I totally fell in love with her!
kraak and smaak I think
getting ready :)
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this was the yummies thing 
I swear I will never cut my hear like this anymore
waiting...and that crazy hat
this went down :/
ugly me
and yeah, Patti again, again...I want to see her again!
and 2010
pohoda bus
the beginning
a great wisdom :D
patti, seriosly, I want to see you again
and I want this shirt
for those who died :/
you could play a song for them
notice the skin color difference :D and yeah, the dress is from second hand :D
a girl with a huge....leaf
Iaaaan Brown
Front row :P
it was great
dizzy morning?
even the firefighters took a nap :D
people gathering for Welcoming the Sun ceremony
it was very nice
3 days without sun lotion will make you pink 
front row again :))
they were MAGICAL
and a press photo...as you can see, I never put my cell phone down :D
and a song for today ---> my video from last year Digitalism

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