24. 1. 2011

fly planner

Days are slowly passing, and I feel that I'm wasting my time...surfing on the web, reading books, and trying to recollect what were the great plans I had during exams  :D
But today, I finally bought my first dayplanner - Mucha themed:)) [I already have one - a very beautiful green one from paperblanks- but its too beautiful for me to write in it, still waiting for the right opportunity] So bye to various bits of paper that keep getting lost together with my very valuable info about the exams, meetings and other important things.
and this is the one :))

Today I finished reading the second book from the library - J.P.Sartre's Wall [the first one was Kerouac's Visions of Gerard] and now I'm starting the crazy and surreal Naked Lunch [favourite book of Kurt Cobain] by William Burroughs. I'm realy excited and curious how its gonna be :) And maybe I should start packing for my Kosice trip :)

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